Welcome To Our Website! To Start, Let Me Introduce You To My Family. We Are Unconditional Lovers Of The Xoloitzcuintli Dog Breed. Our Story Began In 2019 When The First Xolo, Ivan Desplat, Appeared In Our Family. We Were All Amazed By His Imposing Size, Extraordinary Intelligence, And Unusual Gentleness. Falling In Love With This Breed, We Couldn't Resist Getting A Second One, Bala Queen. We Were Very Happy With Our Two Xolos, But One Day, We Saw A Xolo In An Advertisement That Sparked An Inexplicable Feeling In Us: Lina Pirotte Iz Kanezko.

With The Arrival Of A Young Mexican Family Near Us, The Issue Of Clothing Quickly Arose. This Wardrobe Had To Match The Unusual Elegance And Absolute Exclusivity Of This Family's Members. Our Research Led Us To Tatiana Mekhalchenko, A Pioneer In The World Of Xolos And Similar Breeds. That's Why We Want To Share With You This Wonderful Opportunity To Discover Practical, Comfortable, And Beautiful Clothing For Your Magnificent Companions.

If You Manufacture Or Create Something Yourself For Xolos And Their Counterparts And Would Like To Showcase It On Our Site, Please Write To Us. We Are Eager To Discuss It And Share Our Common Passion.